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Cowan Heights United Church is an open, cooperative and inclusive community of faith and friendship. We are committed to a ministry that respects creation; provides examples of the presence and love of God and the ministry of Jesus Christ; reaches out in justice, love, friendship, and prayer within and for the Body of Christ here and around the world. "That all may be one" we are called together to continue our journey of spiritual enrichment and fulfillment.



Cowan Heights United Church is located at 141 Frecker Drive in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. St. John's is North America's oldest city, and Cowan Heights United is the newest United Church in the city.

As a congregation of Christian friends, we invite others to join with us for public worship each Sunday morning at 11:00 AM. During the worship service we offer a supervised nursery and Sunday school classes. There is also a youth group. Our church is wheel chair accessible. There is a family atmosphere in this congregation and people of all ages enjoy being together and supporting one another as we live out our faith. As Jesus reached out to everyone with God's love, we do not exclude anyone from the circle of belonging.

The United Church of Canada came together in 1925 as an amalgamation of Methodists, Presbyterians, and Congregationalists, but now it includes people with every kind of religious background. We are an inclusive church that makes room for a wide variety of beliefs and opinions. We all believe that God loves us and we want to respond by loving God and by loving our neighbors.

As a community of God's people we welcome new members. To learn more about our church and its program please follow the links on this website.






"Cowan Heights United Church Community GardenĒ: Announcing an exciting new outreach project that will be starting next weekend: a community garden to be planted on our grounds near the lower parking lot and everyone in the congregation and the community are invited to take part. The community garden will consist of individual raised garden beds which will be built and rented to gardeners. To help with the start-up costs, the fee for a garden plot will be $100, with anyone signing-up this year given a credit towards next year's fees. We anticipate an annual fee of $50 in the future. If anyone knows of any community and non-profit groups who would like to take part, please get in touch with us. We would especially welcome any donations or sponsorship from the congregation. For more details, or to sign-up as a gardener, please contact the Church office or Andrew Collins at collins.andrew.j@gmail.com. Thank you for everyone for your interest and assistance with this outreach project" 

Spirit of Newfoundland Dinner Theatre and Cowan Heights United Church Present

ĎItís My Party and Iíll Bawl if I want to!í

Thursday, May 19: An evening of fun & fellowship, great food and entertainment in support of your church. Corporate tables will be available. As usual there will be a silent auction and items for this would be greatly appreciated. Tickets are $75 with a $25 receipt available at Church office, or call 745-2871.


New Tables for Auditorium: One of the projects for the Men's Club for 2016 is to replace the old wooden tables in the auditorium. We will need about 30 new tables at a cost of $100 each. Donations would be greatly appreciated and can be made through the weekly givings or at the Church Office.  To date members of the congregation donated 13.


CHUC Newsletter: The deadline for the next Newsletter is May 20th. If you have an item, or an idea for an item, photos, stories, poems, etc., for the June issue please contact the newsletter editor, Wanda Garrett (wandagarrett@nl.rogers.com). 


UCW Outreach Ministry:  Our UCW is calling on all our knitters to begin an exciting new project that will provide prayer shawls and comfort quilts to members of our congregation and in the community.  Donations of wool would be greatly appreciated, and if you are a knitter or know a knitter you are invited to use the wool and patterns in the basket at the back of the sanctuary.


UC Observer Magazine: We are currently taking renewal & new subscriptions for the Observer. This magazine continues to have a variety of articles, interesting and thought provoking from Newfoundland to British Columbia and around the world. There are past issues available in the office however if you would like to receive the current issues or send a subscription to a family member or friend as a gift the deadline to order is May 13.  The cost is $25.


The Men's Club Surf and Turf Dinner: Come and enjoy a 10oz steak and 1/2 lobster plus all the fixings (potato salad, pasta salad, coleslaw, rolls, soft drinks and dessert) plus a complimentary glass of wine on Saturday, June 4th 5:30 pm. The evening will wrap up with our annual trivia challenge. Tickets are $30 per person and are available at the Church Office and from members of the Men's Club.

      If you have photos of our church life since 1980 or 1981 and would like to share them, please pass them on to a Committee member. Make sure to write your name, telephone number, name of subject and year photo was taken on the back of the photo.

     A volunteer is needed to scan photos and then digitally display them during the dinner. If you can help, please contact a Committee member:

              Eleanor White  745-1217        Reverend Denine (church office) 745-2871          

              Sandra Piercey  745-1976                 Diana Powell 364-8553

              Joanne Hipditch 745-2820


CHUC & SON Dinner Theatre - Itís My Party and Iíll Bawl if I want to! This fundraiser has been booked for Thursday, May 19. Tickets are $75 with a $25 receipt, and will be available after Easter. Mark your calendars now and plan to attend this evening of fun and fellowship, great food and entertainment in support of your church. Corporate tables will be available as well. As usual there will be a silent auction and items for this would be greatly appreciated.


CHUC Male Choir: Seeking new members. No audition required. The response of the start-up of the choir has been excellent.  If you require additional information please contact Ruth Patten at 364-7425 or Frank Fry at 747-1930. 

 2016 Board of Management: Your BOM has 4 vacancies that need to be filled. We are seeking expressions of interest from our congregation for nomination at our AGM. For further information please contact Harry Rowe or Rev. Denine, or for a copy of the constitution please contact Elizabeth at 745-8271. 

Fifth Anniversary: On Sunday, April 10, 2016, Cowan Heights United Church will celebrate its thirty fifth anniversary of being constituted as a Pastoral Charge of the United Church of Canada. There will be a special church service at 3 pm in the sanctuary (no morning service) and a dinner at 5 pm in the Reverend Bonnie Kelly Auditorium. Tickets for the dinner will be $20.00 and will be available at the office in early February.